Bringing Information Security to the Boardroom

A cybersecurity breach can be devastating for a company. As such, it’s imperative that the board members be aware of cybersecurity and make it a top priority.

Cyberattacks, data breaches, and ransomware are rising in frequency and cost. This is a serious corporate governance issue that affects every business and. In a recent report on insight directors identified cybersecurity as one of the most significant threats they are confronted with.

The problem is that a company’s leadership, which includes the board, is often not equipped with an understanding of how to minimize the risks associated with information security and safeguard sensitive information. This is due to a gap between the boardroom and the information technology experts.

It is important to ensure that the boardroom is protected ways to obtain vital information. LBMC provides a variety of products that will help ensure that what’s said in the boardroom remains there. For instance, RF windows films can help prevent eavesdropping as well as electronic data theft during conferences. Our privacy window films make the perfect choice for offices as well as other workplaces.

When presenting their ideas in the boardroom regarding cybersecurity, CISOs should utilize language that is easily understood by the board as well as the management team. They must be able to communicate the risk’s magnitude and explain how they can prioritize investments to minimize it. They must avoid «geekspeak» and offer an approach that is based on risk to cybersecurity. This method of quantification provides the board and management with a framework for making informed strategic decisions.

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