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Bookkeeper Hourly Pay At Hobby Lobby, Inc

You will have to live with parents or family members . Hobby Lobby is a wonderful place to work if you are looking for a retail job. You will be paid well and have access to some surprisingly good benefits. The cons are that the hours can be long, the work can be repetitive, and you may have to work on holidays, and you will have to work weekends. There are a few different job positions available at the craft store. If you want to talk to someone you don’t know that works at a company you’re interested in, you can ask a mutual connection for an introduction.

What is Hobby Lobby starting pay in Florida?

The starting pay at Hobby Lobby in Florida is around $15,000 per year, or $7 per hour.

I have a spreadsheet that I send out each week of this information by county. I have a spreadsheet titled Felony Friendly Employers and I am always looking to add information. I have people reach out from all over the country, working with a young lady in Florida and a guy in Nevada. So this would be so beneficial and would love to share back and forth. For example, on one of your lists you have Dollar General and here in Indiana they will not hire felons, even the warehouse, from the information we have found.

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Update your browser to have a more positive job search experience. Use our tool to get a personalized report on your market worth. Then, you will either get paid on the following Thursday if you have a direct deposit into certain banks or a credit union or on Friday if you are picking up a printed check.

The store operates a business casual code regarding uniforms. You are expected to dress in a way that is neat, clean, and professional. Unload trucks, process the freight according to departments, light cleaning & maintenance. Company supports a culture of providing a compelling workplace for team members. 100% internal promoting culture but limited beyond manager.

Find out what the average Bookkeeper salary is in Michigan

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  • BUT about felons if you can’t find a job it’s because you ain’t looking for it.
  • I am in need of housing and mental health.
  • 100% internal promoting culture but limited beyond manager.
  • You mean to tell me that you can work there for nine years and dont make $14 , then all of a sudden they bump you up to $14 ….

They do provide memory foam mats to stand on behind each service counter and register, but mats can only help so much. The most enjoyable part of this job is the coworkers. You really feel a sense of family within the company. Arrive in enough time to put on my uniform, clock-in, and get my register ready for customers, then wait for customers to finish shopping and check out.

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Great opportunities for advancement and excellent compensation. Hobby Lobby is devoted to providing career opportunities for eager go-getters ready to join our rapidly growing company. As a leader in the arts, crafts and home décor industry, we value innovative ideas, passionate creativity and hard work. If you know someone that works at a company you’re interested in, ask them for help getting connected to that company. They may be able to refer you to a hiring manager or submit your resume along with their recommendation.

Bookkeeper Hourly Pay At Hobby Lobby, Inc

To verify your email address and activate your job alert. Positions include pullers, receivers, shippers, team leaders, and fork lift drivers available in Oklahoma City, OK. A variety of positions located on the Oklahoma City, OK campus. The Bookkeeper will maintain Bookkeeper Hourly Pay At Hobby Lobby, Inc the order in the office, conduct bookkeeping, and work to coordinate the day to day operations. The trusted data and intuitive software your organization needs to get pay right. Companies in the same industry as Hobby Lobby, Inc., ranked by hourly rate.

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